Activate Vegas X Free Credits and Boost Your Budget

Vegas X gives lucrative incentives to its players through numerous promotions that can be found on our platform. The Vegas X bonuses are accessible to every player. They also come with simple rules.

Our platform is the best choice to kick off your gaming session from an advantageous position. Thanks to our promotions, players can boost their sweepstakes budgets quickly and accumulate numerous free credits by meeting straightforward conditions.

Vegas X Bonus Opportunities

Want to know what promotions are currently available on Vegas X? Let’s explore the most popular ones below! 

The Vegas X referral system, also known as the “Bring a Friend” bonus, allows existing players to invite their friends to the platform and get rewarded. After your friend joins Vegas X, you will start earning commission according to his/her activities on the platform. Moreover, Vegas X Online gives you an opportunity to share the awarded commissions with your referral.

The Happy Hour Bonus is one of the most popular promotions on Vegas X. It gives players a chance to get a deposit match if they top up their account at a particular time of the day. For example, as part of the Happy Hour Bonus, you have an opportunity to get a 50% deposit match if you top up your account between 19:00 and 21:00. It must be noted that this bonus is available for the whole week!

Daily Bonus is another great opportunity for active players on Vegas X. This bonus is available for those players who have a level 2 or higher on the platform. Thanks to this promotion, once your credits drop below 1, you will get an extra 1 credit every day. This is an excellent chance to give yourself one more chance to test your luck during the day!

The Vegas X platform assigns players particular levels. This is done in line with the activities of the player. In other words, if you regularly play games and make deposits, your level will increase accordingly. The Vegas X levels come with their advantages (for example, as we noted above, level 2 players are automatically eligible for daily bonuses). When it comes to the Gold Bonus, it is exclusively offered to level 4 players. This bonus is automatically granted to players, and the awarded credits are reflected on the balance. The maximum amount of the Gold Bonus is set at 200 credits.

Many of the Vegas X slots come with progressive jackpot opportunities. These jackpots are called progressive for a reason! This is because they increase in value every time the progressive slot is played, but the player doesn’t win his/her round.

The jackpots on Vegas X are divided into three parts: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. As you might have already guessed, the Gold jackpot promises the highest rewards. It should also be noted that the Vegas X jackpots sometimes reach incredible amounts, so we definitely recommend targeting them!